If you wish to use material from one of our titles, write to us at:

Copyrights and Permissions
The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International
P.O. Box 1437
Alachua, FL 32616, USA
Fax: +1 (386) 462-1761

Or submit your request online.

BBT only accepts written requests. Please be sure to indicate which title(s) you are interested in, whether the material is text or illustrations, and the page numbers of the material you would like to use. Please include complete details regarding the nature of your project and the proposed use of our material. General permissions turnaround time is 4–8 weeks.

BBT permission for ISKCON temples and projects

Temples and projects of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness working under the authority of the ISKCON GBC have blanket permission for incidental use of BBT text, art, and other material. For example, if you represent a temple or project, and you are producing a flier, website, or something else to advertise your ISKCON activities, feel free to use some text, photos, or art from the BBT. We ask only that you include the BBT’s copyright notice, in this format:

“Artwork [or photos, or text from such-and-such work] courtesy of The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc. ( Used with permission.”

For some uses, however, permission is not automatic – for example, if you want to publish something consisting mostly or entirely of BBT materials. Or you want to publish or manufacture items for sale, such as posters, calendars, or greeting cards. For that sort of use, please get in touch with us, and together we’ll work things out.

Whatever use you may have in mind, you'll get better quality reproduction by using the high-quality scans we can provide you from our original transparencies or artwork. For help with this, please get in touch the Bhaktivedanta Archives.

Thank you for letting us serve you. Hare Krishna.

Unauthorized Use

You will sometimes find publishers or "inter-netters" around the world who use pictures and text from Srila Prabhupada’s books. Srila Prabhupada made sure that the copyrights of his BBT were protected. According to his desires, the BBTI deals with illegal usage by applying international laws of copyright. Therefore, whenever you detect something which looks like unauthorized use of BBT materials, please ...

  1. Inform BBTI.
    What kind of materials? What country? Who's the publisher etc? As much information as you can get without actually contacting the publisher. Then let us know.
  2. If it is printed matter, try to get two copies of the publication/product where BBT materials have been used and send them to us. We need one copy, and an extra copy is often needed to send to one of our copyright attorneys. BBTI will reimburse you for your expenses.
  3. If the illegal use is on the Internet, please copy the URL (http:// etc, etc), and send this information to us.
  4. PS: What did Srila Prabhupada say about who should publish his books?